Grass Farming???


Christian and Holly Gowdy have been interested in agriculture for a lifetime, beginning when they were both about ten. Neither of them come from farm families, but their families supported their endeavors. They both studied Animal Science while in college. They met in 1991, married in 1992 - bought their first beef cows on their Honeymoon, 1996 found them settled in Walpole NH. In 1998 they attended their first Grazing Conference, and discovered Grass Farming.Their beef cattle thrived in this production system and over time they have added a small grassed based dairy, (they are members of Organic Valley Cooperative) the farm has been certified organic, most recently they added meat goats to browse, controlling brush and invasives, and their sons have started a small market lamb business, and occasionally they raise pigs.


In this lifetime of farming, the Gowdy's have developed this vision: We are more than simply farmers; we are stewards of the land. We believe that using best management practices ensure the health and wellbeing of our livestock, the land we farm, and the watershed that our farm is a part of, this land we steward will be farmed into the future.

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